Chicks are sweet and cute!


buy buy buy buy buy

I like it!

I want it!

I am buying it now!

Root for you!

Dear Friends, You will invite me to attend your events and celebrations. What time?? Anything and Anytime. haha.

If i feel well and i can make it to go, i can support you. (No problem!)

If i feel unwell and stomach cramp, i have rooting for you.

Loves ❤

Wander, the beautiful and friendly dog.

Her name is Wander!

China foreign worker bashed her with a metal chain and he abused her for no reason. UNTIL her face is messy.

I pray for her. I love her a lot.

Dear wander,

“Please be strong and we know you are. Life being a stray is tough enough and yet you were being abused by cruel human. You had suffered enough hardship and now you are in good hands and pls be strong and you know we we love and care for you. – Mdm wong’s shelter.”

Eat and Drink well. The volunteers always help you to feed and give medicine. You know that the china worker is arrested by the police.

i am soooooo relieved! i pray for your speedy recovery! Be brave and we will be there for you.

Everyone love you and i love you.

God bless you, wander!!!

Wander, i feel i want to see you and support you.

lovessssss you, wander! love you a lot a lot….

Everyone, Let’s do our part in saving these strays and report when we witness any animal abuse! Please call the police before you save them immediately.

Designer’s word is full of craps.

Believe these designs or not!

Designs are like pictures, movies and TV. The present years can be true. No one believes and knows what’s happening tomorrow or in the future.


Researcher said that the word will be end on Dec 2012.

and Researcher also said that Asteroid will hit Earth on 2012.

Many planets in the sky.

and another pic… This pic is called “Digital Painting”

UFOs too.

Evolution in the future??

New Technologies…

Like hologram gadgets, new vehicles  and robots.

Driveless car

Army plane…

Robots are like humans.

From Avatar Movie. it is called “Hologram”.

From Tron Movie.





Is it HOAX or not?

damn my friend’s wife.

On 27 dec 2010, My friend’s wife was very curious. She found his handphone. then she saw my name and my hp number in his contact list. she tried to sms me.

Wife (using his phone to sms me) : hi where are you?

i said: i am in Malacca, Malaysia now. I will return to singapore tomorrow. (:

Wife: hey. I am his wife. Why do u like him? huh??

i said: no no no. i dont like him. He is not my type. He is just my friend. that’s all. Don’t misunderstand. Don’t sms me. ok.



My friend checked outbox or inbox. i was not sure what he does.

He smsed me.

He said: i am sorry. my wife saw it. very very sorryyyyy!

i said: alright. you help me to tell your wife not to misunderstand. Also tell her that i dislike you. you are not my type. i am your friend only. i don’t have feeling for you. Pls tell her now!

He said: ok.