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interactive led cube


why does woman want to marry herself?

Do you dare to marry yourself?

so, you love yourself. what about others?

unglam. ^^

Dog abuser – i hate them. idiot ppl kill animals for no reason. arrghh!

Hi guys, i need to ask you a huge favor. Please circulate this photo on your profiles and send it to your friends. We need to find these people and make them pay for the abuse and pain they are inflicting on innocent animals. We don’t know what country they are at, but facebook is worldwide, so let’s use the power of social media and friends to capture these abusers. Thank you in advance, i would be so grateful if you could do that for the little animals out there. **this is from other’s facebook**

p.s: HELP HELP HELP please spread this photo to your friends! thanks…



illustrator is good.

What do i look for?


I love white kittens very much…