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oh no! i think i can’t add myself as a friend


i have a own facebook account.

i am gonna Crazy. lol


can you see this?

no no i wanna do my work! like my assignments!

Yes i cannot speak well!

wahhh! why are there 6 choices? (:

To me,

Hate : i don’t like people who disturb me too much when i need to focus on my studies.

Like: dogs and animal expect the most venomous reptiles. Green. DSLR. Music. Watch movies.

Love: Good people, parents, siblings, my dog, nicky, my boyf and everything!

Want: i want to learn how to cook when i will be alone in the hostel for my future.

Miss: yes i miss my boyf. i cannot meet him a lot because my modules are important to me. i always focus on 5 modules plus to the 3rd project this semester. he said,”he can wait patiently.”

During my school day, i cannot go out too much…                      it is not equal to..

During my holiday, i can go out and enjoy!

Lust: Lust? no, i didn’t. some boys are 1st to ask me for my contact because they likes. i don’t like them and i have no feelings for them at all. becos i don’t know them so much. only i treat them like friends. (:

justtttt going to share again. haha

What do you think these pictures?

This 2nd picture is that you jus forgive your enemies because…

they are still your friends. Don’t lose them.

and i agreed with my holy bible.

“written by John. F. Kennedy”

This 3rd picture is that you CAN do it! okay. never give up.

remember: What is your goal?

What is the next?

How do you change your life?

This last pic is that..

Why do you leave me alone with my thoughts?

nobody says that who is supportive.

type out your damn words, i support good grammar.

hey girl, you are pretty today. (:

Why are you very pretty/ glamour?

How come you are shy and scared that boys like you…

no, i m not so envy. (:

Don’t scared of your Lord, you must trust him.

God wants you to believe in yourself and guard your heart.

He creates you to view the beautiful land and people on earth

because he is your Heavenly Father and he loves you.

you are faithful to the lord.

He wants believers to encourage non-christians to learn….

stay postive!