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i hate tagged.


I hate… i hate.. i don’t bother the friend requests! (:

because some guys are horny. IDOIT!

i always reject guys’ sex messages.


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How sweet of us?

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what a nice day? mm

Dear?! or baby?? haha..

i choose to call ricky “Baby”. Baby is too common for every couple. i think so? hmmm.

ok. let me tell you (*after what happen?)

22 March 2010

i reached Bt panjang plaza at ard 10.02am.  i met my babii at McDonald. We chatted chatted happily and ate pancakes, egg, beef, and jam.

Ricky said that… see below.

“last time his sister always was patient when her son (ricky’s nephew) was angry and he talked angrily. She don’t mind then she try to clam him down. she tried to control her emotion and then left his action. next day, he was clam already. She said “Dear, are you ok?” she patted his back and hug him happily.”

i said.

“Oh. How sweet of her? Is she a soft hearted?”

he replied.

“No, her action is just normal.”

I said.

“Is the mother right way to use the feather stick to HIT child?”

He said

“Noo, it is wrong. i saw your mother slapping you in public place when i ran away. you know i don’t like her. i can see your friends also don’t like. we know that you are adult already, right. i felt it is very pity of you. Hmm. you explain to her before.”

I replied his question.

“yes she did. Of course, i already explain to her and i tried to show my expressive action. She is VERY stubborn and don’t understand how i feel and how i show my action!!! yes yes i must learn to be patient and be independent. i want MORE FREEDOM with my responsible.”

I add. “I still hurt myself and blame myself. I am ONLY 24 years old. i don’t want to feel shameful again. I don’t want her to treat me like a child / teenager. I don’t like that because i m more mature.”

it is called teenager’s curfew. Curfew means TIME to go home! e.g. My mother asked my son to have time to go home. Don’t be late. Before 11pm.

He said.

“It is ok with me, baby. you know already. Never mind. i also am patient. i love you, nicole”

We finished and hugged each other. We left Mcd at ard 12.03pm .. gonna be it late. haha.. Ricky found out that our mutual friend is not feeling well. Oh my god. He told me not to worry. She can bear it to go with us to ECP.

SUDDENLY, i saw a old woman getting out of the male toilet. Oh gosh. My jaws dropped while my eyes are opened. She said with a smile, “Sorry sorry” i pointed at the Sign Female Toilet….. =.= i told her to got female toilet.


she walked away then Ricky get out of the male toilet. he said that he felt a old woman was here in male toilet. He found her there. She said to him. “Sorry sorry.”

Ricky added that two guys (including me and someone) who saw her!


We took picture outside the gender toilets. haha. took it for fun.

WE LEFT BPP and we took the bus svc nos. 190 to orchard till we reached Orchard MRT.

then wait for her patiently.

Our mutual friend was Sarah. Ricky, sarah and i went to take the bus svc nos. 16 to ECP. he thought it is WRONG WAY! he scared us! then i ask him to tell two girls. they said correct. go through underpass to ECP. it is marina parade. =.=

diao… sarah said,” NO USING YOUR BRAIN.” i laughed laughed… hahahaha ricky pinched my rib. Omg. ouch. hahaha.

then we finally reached! haha sarah and i went to buy a rollerblade for renting. it is $10 for 2 hrs?! so cheaper. hmm.. thanks guys!

i helped sarah. she was scared of felling down again. i told her.. ” it is too common. same as me.” haha





so tired but we enjoyed playing for fun. we chatted happily. the ION orchard made us feel comfortable and they felt relax in small restaurant section.

Thanks for going out with me.


it happened? My mother was not patient. i was very very tired to explain to her many times. she still was a stubborn and unreasonable mother.

i told her that i know how to do.

i added  that i don’t disturb her if she wants to go to sleep 1st. it means i must go home myself.

but she ignored me. she waited for my sms and she checked her digital clock.

* i said to her.

1. DON’T be a over-protective parent.

2. DON’T so emotional.

3. DON’T force me to go home early.

4. DON’T call me many times.

5. If my mother will tired, i let her go sleeping 1st. i go home myself. i don’t miss the last bus. (: or someone fetch me home.

6. last one… i hate to tell her many times. i told her to TRUST me. Trust is important to us.

“Most importantly, i want to tell all young girls – those who are victims of rape and molest – that they shouldn’t suffer in silence.” What do you think about this? True or False?

OF COURSE, it is TRUE! i AGREE with RIS LOW! go to she hurted by the man!

YOUNG GIRLS USE THEIR THINKING HOW? GIRLS MUST BE WITH THIR FRIENDS TOGETHER / THOSE who have a car? because the night is dangerous for girls. some cannot see as it is too dark.


i told her to let me depend on myself/ my decision/ my plans.

i hate it. i still am very tired to talk/ explain. No using it.

i really hate it. i really hate it.

because… NOW? hmm i am a adult and i have a boyfriend who is caring and fetch me home (sometimes he is tired).

i always respect ricky & i don’t want him to get troublesome again.






my life sux!

i don’t care if one of my parents think i m stubborn. i don’t care about them seriously. i let them be! i don’t want to see her emotion anymore.

i always sms my daddy 1st. i feel it is not bad.